Is parking available?

Yes, we have ample parking for your guest. Cedar Ridge Plantation provides a parking attendant to make parking flow smoothly and quickly.

Can I come in early to decorate? Are there any decoration restrictions?

Yes, we allow you to begin decorating at 9am on the day of your event. If you book two days you may begin decorating at 9am on the day of your rehearsal dinner.

Approval from Cedar Ridge Plantation Event Manager must be made in advance for any decorations placed on walls or ceilings.

Are there restrooms in the barn?

Yes, we have three new restrooms in the barn venue.

Do I need to use your preferred vendors?

You are welcome to use your own vendors. Please provide their contact information once you book your vendor. Vendors must be licensed and insured.

We do have a preferred vendor list that does excellent service at Cedar Ridge Plantation. We will be more than happy to provide this list to you.

Is there a kitchen?

Yes, we have a new catering kitchen with a triple sink, refrigerator and ample counter space.

Is there heat/AC in the barn?

Yes, we have an excellent heating/AC system to keep your guests comfortable.

What is the capacity of the barn?

We have a capacity for 200 guests.

Are tables and chairs included?

Yes, Cedar Ridge Plantation provides 200 chairs with 60" round tables

What time does my reception need to end?

Your event can last until 11pm.